Golf Holidays in Belgium

Golf Holidays in Belgium

Belgium has a growing reputation in the European golfing scene which is increasing every year but yet still does not get the credit it deserves. The hidden gem of European golf, known as the "Venice of the North", Belgium is within close proximity to the UK and can be easily accessed by the Eurotunnel.

Belgium is the perfect destination for a golfing weekend away whilst experiencing a marvellous culture and a beautiful setting within a unique European country offering fabulous cities to explore. Exuding a real sense of history and architectural splendour, Belgium is renowned for it's world class beer and chocolate and it's friendly welcoming residents.

Whilst being chilly in the winter this beautiful European country comes to life in the spring, with an abundance of great countryside locations and splendid golf courses to compliment the historic cities. Why not explore and immerse yourself in the heart of Bruges, a beautiful city just North of France, featuring the famous town square, narrow canals and home to the medieval Belfort Tower.

The drive from the Eurotunnel is a pleasure in itself featuring some fantastic courses on route, with such a short journey its definitely worth the venture. Belgium is the obvious choice for a short golf escape.




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Why Belgium?   Map:
  • Beautiful rural landscape
  • Luxurious golf courses
  • Excellent cuisine
  • Home to the beautiful city of Bruges
  • Historic culture
  • Filled with history and culture
  • Great architecture
  • Boutique accommodation
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Regions in Belgium:

Golf Holiday in Bruges, Belgium


Golf Holidays in Bruges, Belgium

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