Golf Holidays in Paris, France

Golf Holidays in France

A major European city and France's capital, Paris is the global centre of fashion, art, cuisine, culture and is also host to a few spectacular golf courses.

Home to an array of world famous attractions, such as the momentous Eiffel Tower, the gargoyled Notre Dame, the Louvre and the broad Arc de Triomphe to name just a few. Paris is renowned for its 19th century architectural splendour and café style intimacy. It is a pleasure to stroll around the city whilst marvelling at its sheer beauty. The city is made up of several quarters, a unique patchwork of villages, each with their own style and culture. Paris is a cultural delight, filled with boutique restaurants on every corner. Not to mention the city is home to Le Golf National, located on the outskirts of the city, home to the Ryder Cup in 2018. Paris is an unbeatable destination for a unique blend of culture, golf and cuisine.

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Why Paris?   Map:
  • Excellent golf courses
  • Traditonal architecture
  • Abundance of Museums
  • Array of restaurants
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Filled with history and culture
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