Golf Holidays in India

Golf Holidays in India

Steeped in rich history, cultural diversity and a vast range of unique religions, an Indian golf holiday is unparalleled and one that must be on every golfers bucket list. Five thousand years of history has helped nourish the growth of this truly incredible country to what it is today. The complex heritage, defined by its six key religions, two main languages and welcoming population, has created the great Indian tradition that the world can witness today.

Featuring magnificent architectural splendour in the metropolis of Delhi and the vibrant city of Jaipur, world famous temples such as the Taj Mahal and the Hawa Mahal, an abundance of superb restaurants each with their own culinary delight, the most luxurious resorts you will ever experience, not to mention the spectacular golf courses that surround these magnificent cities…. India has it all. Why not venture to the famous Golden Triangle and soak in the rich cultural ambience, whilst challenging the array of high class golf courses. Or for the more adventurous, venture into the Safari of Rathambore National Park, a dramatic tiger reserve, and witness these beautiful animals in their own habitat.

Gandhi’s dream was to create a modern India that would offer the world a living example of his social ideals, which you will be able to experience with each and every friendly face that crosses your path. With plenty to explore and something exceptional at every turn, an India golfing holiday is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Why India?   Map:
  • Cultural diversity
  • World class golf courses
  • Warm welcome
  • Vibrant cities
  • Spectacular restaurants
  • Unique heritage
  • Beautiful Scenery
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Regions in India:

Golf Holiday in Taj Mahal Trophy, India

Taj Mahal Trophy

Golf Holidays in Taj Mahal Trophy, India
Golf Holiday in The Golden Triangle, India

The Golden Triangle

Golf Holidays in The Golden Triangle, India

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