Golf Holidays in Gurgaon, The Golden Triangle, India

Golf Holidays in India

Just 30km South of Delhi is the captivating city of Gurgaon, which is becoming increasingly popular with travellers due to its array of luxurious resorts and booming tourism industry.

With a thriving cultural scene, vast range of shops, and plenty of areas to soak up the warm Indian sun, the modern city fo Gurgaon oozes classe in abundance. Gurgaon is perfect retreat to escape from the hustle of Delhi and recharge your batteries whilst trying your hand at the areas four spectacular golf courses. An excellent destination to indulge in the luxurious aspect of Indi, Gurgaon is a green haven by day and a musical city at night.

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Why Gurgaon?   Map:
  • Metropolitan city
  • Spectacular resorts
  • Lush parkland areas
  • Superb golf courses
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Extensive shopping
  • Tranquil retreat
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Eating out

One of the biggest appeals of Gurgaon is the variety of specialist cuisine. You will often find a migration of people travel from Delhi to try out the superb cuisine served within the city. A great selection of plush restaurants can be found in this magnificent city.

Night life

Gurgaon contains some of the more adventurous nightlife in India, with an extensive list of bars and musical establishments, which has added a touch of Vegas glamour to the region.

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