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Golf Holidays in Vienna

  • The beautiful Austrian city of Vienna is famous for the beautiful river Danube that runs through the city, the vast number of museums, the wealth of culture and music and the vibrant mix of fashionable cafes, bars, street markets and shops.................not so much for the golf courses on offer.

    You've no doubt overlooked Austria as a possible destination for your next golf holiday, don't worry you won't be alone but we're delighted to be to offer you the chance to explore everything Vienna has to offer, including some amazing golf courses. The beauty of this place is plain for everyone to see, the city itself is both picturesque and cleverly designed with most of the major attractions accesible by foot, even if you do have to walk you can always stop at one of the many cafe's that adorn the streets and serve some of the best pasteries you'll find. Whatever you do make sure you leave enough time in your golf holiday to Austria to spend the day exploring the wonderful city of Vienna.


    Golf hotels in Vienna

    There are a wide range of fantastic golf hotels in Vienna. Pick your favourite accommodation from the options below, or click on View More to see our full range of golf resorts in Vienna.

    Diamond Country ClubAustria

    Diamond Country Club

    Golf courses in Vienna

    Look through our range of the best golf courses in Vienna below that will be sure to satisfy even the most demanding of golfers.If you have any specific questions about the golf courses you can visit please do get in touch.

    Adamstal Golf ClubAustria

    Adamstal Golf Club

    Diamond CourseAustria

    Diamond Course

    Schonborn Golf ClubAustria

    Schonborn Golf Club

    Golf in Vienna

    Beautiful architecture, Great shopping, Superb nightlife, Under 2 hours from London, River cruises, Music capital


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