If you’re considering taking a Golf Escape, perhaps for the first time or maybe you’ve been several times before, Portugal should be on your radar. But why? Have you really thought this through? If not this is our list of reasons why we advise you that you should not take a golfing holiday to Portugal…


Let us start with the journey to Portugal which is most certainly a deal-breaker. Two hours flying south to be nearer to that orange thing in the sky we don’t see hardly anything of in the UK, whilst being served a beer or glass of wine mid-flight. Then just a short transfer to your accommodation, this just doesn’t cut it with us. We prefer staying in the UK with the traffic jams on the M1, rain and mist, stale coffee in a flask to avoid the service stations and that is before “storm Barney” hits on arrival and the courses are then closed.



Then this leads us to discuss in more detail the weather that you will have to endure whilst staying in Portugal. The temperature in Portugal can reach up to the early 20°Cs in March and then rarely drops below 20°C until November time so you wont be able to show off that new jumper you just brought yourself (or more likely thick coat if you are staying in the UK). Then there is the summer months when temperatures sit in the mid-30°Cs making the need for ice in every Gin & Tonic you enjoy, plus having to bother about reapplying sun cream mid-way through your fantastic round of golf.  Don’t even get us started on the golf-shirt tan to take home and show your friends, it is much better to stay at home and suffer from rust.

An empty beach in the Algarve, Portugal


Another reason not to come to Portugal is the city of Lisbon. If you’re looking to experience the culture of Portugal then Lisbon is the place to visit and stay. But who wants culture, fish & chips are the future right? Actually, within the city you can experience any kind of cuisine from traditional Portuguese to Mediterranean, Chinese or Indian (the fish & chips Lisbon style are actually fantastic but let’s not let that fact get in the way) and don’t forget the vast amount of bars in which you can wash down your fantastic meal in afterwards. This sounds great but your beer gets warm too quickly doesn’t it when you are sitting outdoors on one of the beautiful terraces. Personally we prefer a flat pint of Fosters, indoors at home! There are also plenty of shopping areas (now that really is a downside for many men) and historical monuments making it impossible to be bored on a trip into the city centre. Then it is back to the fantastic golf courses, time for more sun cream…..what a chore.

Torres Vedras 1


The fourth reason on our “list” is the Algarve. Why would you want to come to the Algarve where there are many options for our customer from reasonably priced to the highest of luxury, real quality service and some fantastic golf on offer? But this can’t be a reason to stay here, surely all this self-indulgence will play havoc with our golf handicap? Not convinced, let’s take a further look around as in addition to the stunning hotels and the great golf courses there are some beautiful little Portuguese fishing villages perfect for a wander round or to get a bite to eat in after a round or two on the golf course. The Algarve also features some beautiful beaches with long stretches of golden sand and clear waters as well as towns with great nightlife and a vast array of bars and restaurants such as Vilamoura. However, did somebody mention sand? Doesn’t that get everywhere? Another one to add to the list? So in summary there is something for everyone and plenty of places to relax and enjoy yourselves both on and off of the golf courses! All in all, why would anyone want to come to the Algarve?



The last reason, but not the most insignificant are the golf courses on offer in Portugal. Why would anyone want to play the spectacular courses on offer such as the world-class Monte Rei which is a golf course with a unique design situated in unspoilt Portuguese countryside with fantastic views of the Atlantic and of the Serra de Caldeirão mountains? Or the fantastic Ribagolfe I where undulating greens and beautiful surrounding create one of the finest golfing experience around? Not forgetting the loop of 27 holes at Palmares Golf featuring a links style of holes followed by parkland before rolling down the sea meaning that there are incredible views and a diverse course rolled into one round! Last but not least, we have the Praia D’el Rey course which is set in a simply stunning location with picturesque views of the Berlengas Islands and the Atlantic Ocean.

010 Gramacho 18th green


After reading these reasons would you still take your next golfing holiday to Portugal? Of course you would, it is one of the most amazing of countries and most welcoming of people so for more information visit our website golf-escapes.com or call us on 01342 811 777 and discover Portugal for your next Golf Escape.