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Christmas special – 5 best golfing presents…

This Christmas you may be struggling to find that last minute perfect present for your golfing fanatic loved one. Shopping for a golfer can be hard if you know very little about the sport but these gifts can be sourced by anyone and will surely be appreciated. This list is of five perfect presents for the keen golfer this Christmas.


First up on the list for perfect Christmas gifts are the products sold by Lynx Golf. From drivers to irons to accessories and stand bags, Lynx Golf has everything that a keen golfer could possible put on their Christmas list! Every club that a golfer could ever dream of possessing can be bought here and the sleek designs of each club just adds to the class and standard of this brand. Not only does Lynx Golf provide sleek products for those golfing men but there are also some fabulous gifts for those golfing wives and children! The Boom Boom clubs are especially regarded as being a perfect gift for those starting out on the course or those aiming to lower that handicap even further! It is no surprise that products from this brand are highly recommended by us for the ideal golfing gift for this Christmas.



Next up on the list are the fabulous D.N.A MyJoys by FootJoy. At FootJoy there are some great golfing shoes on offer perfect for every single golfer imaginable. The ones on this list are the customizable D.N.A style where even the colour of the laces can be customized to suit your loved ones’ preferences. There is no greater brand of golfing shoes than the FootJoy shoes and this is shown by the Ryder Cup choosing this brand. If you’re looking for high-end quality and class, then this brand of golfing shoe is perfect for a golfing gift this Christmas time. Although the shoes by FootJoy are a little more expensive than some of the high street brands you certainly get what you pay for and these shoes are certainly worth it, especially the D.N.A style. Make sure that these are in your shopping cart this Christmas and then under your tree to make your golfing loved one happy!




Third on the list of great Christmas gifts for this year are the products designed by Galvin Green. This desirable brand of high quality and high-end designed clothing is perfect for those golfers wanting to feel sleek and professional out on the course come rain or shine. No one knows golfers’ preferences quite like other golfers which makes this brand so perfect as all the products are designed by golfers, for golfers. From cool layers to warm layers to breathable and waterproof jackets there is a clothing piece ideal to combat all of the elements that golfers have to face on their rounds! Every keen golfer appreciates that sometimes a good round can be tainted by that brutal wind or the sparse showers and no present could be better than one which will be used round in round out during their golfing life to prevent these weathers from spoiling a round. It is no surprise that this desirable brand made this list as there truly is no other brand which offers the style and comfort that is offered by the clothing at Galvin Green.



Next up on this list of ideal golfing gifts this Christmas is the J. Lindeberg jacket. It would be a lie if any golfer were to say that they had not always wanted one of these jackets, which makes this gift a prime candidate for this list of the perfect golfing presents. Even if the jacket isn’t the gift you are looking for then there are plenty of other great quality products available from J. Lindeberg such as some breathable, great quality golf shirts as well as trousers and other golfing accessories. These high quality products cannot be missed out from this list as this brand is so respected and loved by golfers wanting high class, great products – another ideal gift idea for the golfers in your lives.




Last but certainly not least on the list of the perfect presents for those keen golfers this Christmas is the ultimate gift. A golf escape to the Canary Islands could not be a more perfect gift for anyone this Christmas. Whilst in England we sit through the rain and the cold whilst pining after a round in the sun, on the Canary Islands golfers can experience just that. The constant spring climate and the beautiful golf courses featuring stunning views and lovely surroundings makes this the ideal destination for a winter golfing break. Even if we staying in England may not see the sun until May of next year there is no reason why your loved one should not be able to enjoy the perfect round on the perfect golf course in the perfect place this Winter. Whether you choose the tiny yet stunning island of Gran Canaria or the great Tenerife and La Gomera, you nor your gift recipient will be disappointed with what could only be described as the gift of the year! A golf escape to the Canary Islands is truly the best gift that can be given to your keen golfer this Christmas.


We hope that this list helped that last minute shopping for your golfing loved ones and that you have now got the perfect gift sussed all out for them! All of us at Golf Escapes wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


About the Author

Ella Ruben

Final year student at University of Surrey about to complete a degree in psychology. My first contact with golf was driving the buggy with my Dad on holiday and now I enjoy the odd round now and again. My favourite place has to be Sueno in Turkey.

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