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Cantine Santa Benedetta Winery

  • Cantine Santa Benedetta is a vineyard located between Frascati and Monte Porzio on the rolling hills overlooking Rome. The vineyard has been owned by the Benedetti family for more than 300 years and as such has a long family tradition with all the secrets to making great wine being handed down generation to generation.

    The area was formed by volcanic activity which means the soil is of the highest quality with natural fertility and a richness of nutrients. It sits around 300 metres above sea level and the soil has ability to retain water whilst maintaining excellent ventilation. The company owns about 15 hectares however they abide by a strict policy of less is more and chose to produce less wine per hectare than other regions in order to ensure the quality of the vines.

    The native grape varieties grown here are Bellone and Malvasia Puntinata. They also produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese in small quantities. They also produce their own olive oil here and the family continues with the tradition of passing the baton down through generations. They are very friendly and keen to share the special experience their winery offers.



    Bar, Restaurant, Wine Shop, Wine Tasting, Wine Tour


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