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The Best Golf Blogs To Follow

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THE BEST GOLF BLOGS TO FOLLOW IN 2015 is one of the most well-known blog sites for all things golf – you’ve probably heard of it already. Discussing the latest golf news, the best golf equipment, travel, betting, players and courses, this website has developed a decent following. But it’s not the only golf blog to follow this year.

Here at Golf Escapes, we like to follow a number of different bloggers and here are some of our top ones to follow in 2015.


There’s no denying that is a must-visit site for any golf enthusiast. Sharing the latest news from the world of golf (including the players), you will have access to daily articles which range from new equipment updates to celebrity gossip. Read about the latest Rory Mcilroy/ Nike collaboration or discover the gossip on Lance Armstrong’s recent entry into golf.

Whatever you want to know about the golfing world, is the ultimate fountain of information – so we’re giving it a well-deserved number one spot in our ultimate 2015 list of golf blogs.

2| Wei Under Par

We bring you another incredible blog, one which has been run and edited by a female influencer. Female golfers are becoming and more and more common and blogger extraordinaire Stephanie Wei is one of the most influential in the business. She is a famous freelance broadcaster, a Fox Sports report and a keen golfer. With over 31,000 followers on her Twitter account, there’s no arguing that Stephanie knows her sport and she’s well respected within the industry.

Her cleverly worded blog covers industry news, some celebrity insight, updates from the PGA Tour and PGA Championships, and much more. Find out more on Wei Under Par now.

3| The Sand Trap

This is a golf blog with a difference. Unlike many blogs these days, interaction isn’t limited here. Much more than just news consumption, The Sand Trap is a socially-driven concept created by golf nut Erik and a few of his fellow golfer friends. The website is an online place for golf mad people just like Erik to connect with one another and talk golf all day, all night.

On top of exclusive sports coverage, the latest sports news, swing tips, opinion articles and commentary, The Sand Trap also offers weekly podcasts and a discussion forum accessible by all. Create your own profile and start connecting with other golf nuts today! And what you might really appreciate about this blog site is that it is run by real golfers with real day jobs; writers you can perhaps really relate to.

4| Hooked on Golf

One of the first golf blogs to ever be published, Hooked on Golf is truly a masterpiece that has earned its status in the blogosphere. Written and managed by Tony Korologos, an impressive amateur golfer with a 1-3 handicap, the website was launched back in 2004 (still in the early days of blogs and the internet as a whole). Today, Tony has posted almost 5,000 articles on the site and his writing never lacks personality. Also a keen musician, Tony brings an element of rock ‘n’ roll to his website style and we believe that this blog will always stand out from the crowd. A must read in 2015.

5| How to Break 80

Written for the competitive golfer, How to Break 80 gets straight to the point. Skip the golf news and celebrity gossip; this blog is written for serious competitive players only. Technically focused, all sentiment is left behind and you will find nothing but the finest tips on improving your swing and honing your game.

Jack Moorehouse is the blogger and golfer behind How to Break 80 and he starts his bio with some impressive statistics; according to NGT Research, there are over 60 million golfers in the world but less than half of those will ever break 100. Only 5% of the world’s golfers will ever break 80 and the aim of Jack’s blog is to help others become that slim 5%. Although Jack is not a pro golfer, his enthusiasm and expertise shines through and he believes he has discovered a great formula for breaking 80. Watch his videos, read his technical guidelines and his tried and tested techniques. Read How to Break 80 now and get the ultimate tips on improving your game and breaking the statistics.

6| Top 100 Golf Blog

The Top 100 Golf Blog has one goal and one goal only. It follows the travelling footsteps of a serious (and rather anonymous) golfer who plays on the top 100 golf courses in the world. Expect one part golf course critique, one part travelogue, and one part social commentary. Each golf course visited includes a detailed description, a considerable number of photographs to paint the picture, notes on the golf course, and details about the surrounding area of the nearby wildlife.

Unearth commentaries and reviews on Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey, Cyprus Point in California, the Teeth of the Dog Course at the Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic, Royal Birkdale in Southport (UK), Loch Lomond Golf Club in Scotland, San Francisco Golf Club, Golf de Morfontaine in France, and Royal Adelaide Golf Course in Australia.

7| Geoff Shackelford

The Geoff Shackelford blog has been created in partnership with Golf Digest. So if you’re looking for an expert golf writer you can trust, head to the Geoff Shackelford website. Geoff boasts a huge portfolio of experience in the sport and is a contributing writer / editor to so many publications including Golf Digest (of which he is partner) and Golf World Magazine. He is also an author of 11 published books, including The Future of Golf (2001) and Grounds of Golf: The History and Fundamentals of Golf Course Design (2003).

With a background in designing gold courses (he co-designed Rustic Canyon Golf Course in California), Geoff’s expert knowledge really shines through, covering all topics from technique to tour/championship reporting.

8| Travel Golf

Travel Golf is maintained by a collective of writers and golfing enthusiasts from around the globe and the blog’s main focus is shedding the light on renowned golf courses and golf clubs in every part of the world. Some of the top writers include ‘The Accidental Golfer’ (AKA Mike Bailey) who has over 15 years’ experience in golf writing and is a former editor of PGA Magazine, Jason Scott Deegan who has reviewed over 400 courses and whose work has been highly regarded by Golf Writers Association of America, and Brandon Tucker who is the Managing Editor of Courses and Travel for Golf Channel.

You can browse the blog by destination, including Canada, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Bermuda, California, Barbados, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Spain.

9| The Golf Chick

Kristen Williams is a writer with a serious golf obsession and The Golf Chick is her platform for expressing her love of the sport. Starting out in 2005, this blog has grown and developed into a great read for anyone who has a golfing passion and it’s definitely one to bookmark for 2015. Written in the form of a journal, Kristen’s website is an inspiring resource for fellow female golfers but it doesn’t speak exclusively to a female audience; quite the opposite in fact. The Gold Chick connects with anyone who eats, sleeps and breathes golf and includes everything from interviews, product and equipment reviews, golf course information and commentary of pro golfers.

Other guest bloggers include Levi Slings and Mary from

10| Armchair Golf Blog

Neil Sagebiel is the man behind Armchair Golf Blog, a blog designed to celebrate the game of golf. Neil’s blog is inclusive of everyone and does not isolate beginners to the game, so you will find his website to be interesting no matter what level you are at. From the tender age of 12, Neil found his love of golf and played for his high school in California and now he shares is golf passion across the blogosphere with golf news, reviews and general golf ramblings.

Through his development of Armchair Golf Blog, Neil has met some amazing golf legends along the way, including Jack Fleck whom he wrote a book on called THE LONGEST SHOT: Jack Fleck, Ben Hogan, and Pro Golf’s Greatest Upset at the 1955 U.S. Open (available to buy on Amazon).

Neil’s latest book is DRAW IN THE DUNES: The 1969 Ryder Cup and the Finish That Shocked the World and this is also currently available on Amazon.

11| GolfDash Blog

GolfDash Blog is written by John Diekmann and Doug Farrick, two golf mad bloggers with internet technology backgrounds. Their combined experience and passion for both golfing and the internet resulted in a great blog site which dedicates its purpose to helping readers enhance their game. Named “GolfDash”, the website acts as a golf dashboard; a place for finding the best deals on equipment and clothing, getting the most up to date golf news, reading the hottest reviews and what John and Doug like to call “no BS commentary”.

Started back in 2005, GolfDash has become a time-honoured resource, one which is trusted and admired by its many readers. The website receives traffic from every corner of the globe and we are excited to see more great writing on the GolfDash Blog in 2015.

12| Gorilla Golf Blog

“There are 790 golf blogs cramming the internet and our mission is that becomes a unique and fun place to visit for passionate golfers and would-be golfers.” – Tommy Priest

There’s no denying that the blogosphere is often oversaturated with bloggers who claim to be experts in their field. And for someone who’s new to reading blogs, it can often be hard to know where to even begin. This is part of the reason we created this list in the first place. Gorilla Golf Blog aims to be different and that’s we like about it; always striving to offer a point of difference for the average golf blog reader. Blogger Tommy Priest is from Switzerland and he started golfing from an early age in his life. Today he spends his spare time continually trying to improve and he launched Gorilla Golf Blog to share his thoughts on many golf related topics. Not only does Tommy cover the sport, he also delves into the lifestyle and the complete subculture of the sport – so it’s a great website for someone who wants to learn about every aspect of becoming a golfer. Visit Gorilla Golf Blog to find out more.

13| The Golf Blog cites itself as the number 1 blog for all things golf and we certainly agree that this website is well worth a read. As one of our must-read golf blogs of 2015, we simply can’t fault the website when it comes to golf news and technical coverage. So for those who are interested in perfecting their swing, this is a great resource. The Golf Blog combines journalistic writing with a selection of new media including YouTube videos and the use of social networks to make the website more up to date and interactive for visitors.

14| My Daily Slice

The archives of My Daily Slice date back to January 2006, so another time-honoured blog site which has earned its place in the blogging world through years of experience. The tagline for this blog is “Conversation starters for golfers” so it truly is an all-consuming hub for everything golf. From golf book reviews and crowdfunding projects to the latest news in professional golfing, My Daily Slice shares weekly nuggets of information which are perfect bite-sized portions for general golf chit chat.  It’s a great resource of golf knowledge and we are definitely adding it to our online reading list this year.

15| Golf for Beginners  

Golf for Beginners started as a journal for new golfer, Stacy Solomon. It was a place where she could keep a record of her golf lessons and a place to store all of the golf tips she picked up along the way. Of course, before she knew it, Stacy had a following and now the website is a place for other new bloggers just like Stacy to explore the beginnings of the sport. Learn more about golf and follow the journey of a rookie who is developing her skills and always looking to improve her game.

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