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5 of The World’s Most Weird & Wonderful Golf Courses

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The World’s Most Weird and Wonderful Golf Courses 

With such a wide variety of different golfing destinations in the world, there are countless weird and wonderful courses that any avid golf fan must visit. Whether you’d like a relaxing, spa style golf break, or you’re more interested in a unique and unusual setting to play a round of your favourite sport, here are 6 of the quirkiest courses around!

Prison View Golf Course – USA

Not your average, relaxing setting for a golf escape break; Prison View Golf Course in the Louisiana State Penitentiary is known for being home to the ‘bloodiest prison in America’. Its grounds are the same size as Manhattan and the immediate thing you notice upon driving in there is the Death Row Complex. The film ‘Dead Man Walking’ was filmed at this prison, but the true violence living behind these walls is far scarier than the fiction it famously housed – so much so that guests are required to go through high-level security checks before their round of golf.

Nullarbor Links, Nullabor Plains – Australia

Nullarbor Links in Nullarbor Plains Australia boasts the world’s longest Golf Course stretching to a massive 850 miles with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway. The word ‘Nullarbor’ originates from Latin meaning ‘no trees’ but there isn’t really much else here either – apart from the huge golf course that is. This impressive course was initially created to give Austrailian truckers something to do on the remote, long stretch of road as they passed by.

The Amazon Golf Course

Like the thought of playing a round of golf in the middle of the beautiful Amazon rainforest? The Amazon Golf Course located in Iquitos, Peru offers a whole new golfing experience. Not only will you be sharing the course with piranhas, caiman and snakes, but it is also standard procedure that each player is handed a machete on arrival, along with their clubs. This is definitely one for the thrill-seeking golfers out there!

Don Mueang – Bangkok

If you’re looking for adventure, then Don Muang Golf Course should be at the top of your golf bucket list. It’s owned by the Royal Thai Air Force and is positioned directly in between Don Mueang Airport’s two parallel and busy runways. The greens and fairways themselves aren’t particularly fancy; however, you can’t quite beat the location for bringing something unique to the table. What cooler interruption to your game is there than watching a Boeing 747 take off or land?

The Lost City Golf Course – South Africa

The Lost City Golf Course located in South Africa just beyond the Palace at the Lost City resort looks like something out of a film. The Lost City itself is inspired by the old African myth of a lost kingdom, and the entire setting of the palace and all of its surroundings replicates that through its exquisite architecture and impressive features. The Lost City Golf Course includes various different themes throughout from desert, to mountain and parkland. Be sure to be careful when you reach the 13th hole though – known for being unlucky for more than one reason, it is home to a group of terrifying Nile crocodiles!

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Golf Safari SA boasts beautiful safari golf breaks based in South Africa Pearl Valley, Pinnacle Point and Kruger Park Lodge. With stunning surroundings and plenty of wildlife to accompany you, their unique destinations are simply breathtaking, with each one offering something a little different, but each being equally as special.

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Final year student at University of Surrey about to complete a degree in psychology. My first contact with golf was driving the buggy with my Dad on holiday and now I enjoy the odd round now and again. My favourite place has to be Sueno in Turkey.

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