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Adega de Colares Winery

  • Adega de Colares is the oldest cooperative wine cellar in Portugal. Established in 1931. The winery is responsible for the vinification of grapes from its members in Sintra region. The building that this winery calls home dates back to the beginning of 20th century and can store more than a million litres of maturing wine at any given time, using traditional storage methods such as wooden barrels, casks and vats. This makes a tour of this building a fascinating thing to enjoy.

    This wine making region is the most western region in continental Europe. It is set between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra Mountain and consists of a number of different parishes such as Calores, São Martinho and Sintra itself.
    Ramisco and Malvasia de Colares are the grape varieties that can be found growing here. Ramisco’s existence here is attributed to King Afonso III who brought them to the region in the 13th century. There are also documents that prove that vineyards have been being grown in this area since the 12th century making this an excellent destination steeped in history for your Golf & Wine tour.



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