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7 Reasons to book with Golf Escapes

This week’s blog is a guide to just seven of the reasons as to why you should book with Golf Escapes. With consistently high customer satisfaction ratings, financial protection for yourself and your fellow travellers, as well as expert knowledge, your next golf holiday could truly not be in better hands. When our customers book their holiday with us, they can be assured that their holiday has both financial and legal protection. Furthermore, since opening in 2002, we have prided ourselves on the in-depth knowledge of the hotels and golf courses we sell. As the team here has grown, so has our knowledge and experience of golf options all over the world, so regardless of what you are looking for in your next golf escape, we can give unbeatable advice to ensure that it is the very best golf escape for you and your group.

All of the golf holidays sold by Golf Escapes are protected under ABTA; the Association of British Travel Agents. ABTA is the UK’s biggest travel association which works on the behalf of travel agents and tour operators like Golf Escapes, to provide key support and advice to travellers. As Golf Escapes is covered under ABTA, customers can put their trust in us to deliver on their golf holiday. ABTA regulates areas such as advertising and trading regulations, as well as alterations to bookings and managing customer complaints should any traveller find their holiday falls short of expectations. Furthermore, ABTA also provides financial protection in the event of company failure. For those who travel with an unprotected travel agency or tour operator, in the event of the company struggling financially and forcing to close, they risk losing the full sum of money that they paid for their holiday in advance. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for prospective travellers to opt for a travel agency or tour operator which is covered by ABTA as they have both financial protection and resolution advice. As ABTA has been established for more than 60 years, it has a high reputation in serving the interests of travellers and golfers alike, to ensure that they can book their next holiday with peace of mind knowing that they are protected under all eventualities. In summary; ABTA offers travellers both legal and financial protection so that they receive the holiday that they paid for, and also so that they receive a refund should the tour operator and travel agency go bust.

Secondly, ATOL, the Air Travel Organiser’s License, is a further reassurance for all golfers booking their next golf holiday through Golf Escapes. As all of the golf holidays and packages are sold with ATOL protection, in the event an airline goes into administration or fails, then all holiday-purchasers are entitled to a refund. ATOL protection only applies to golf holidays sold with flights, therefore our ‘stay and play’ golf holidays in the UK such as Celtic Manor and the Belfry are not ATOL protected because, for residents in the UK, flights are not required. For holidays booked in Europe such as Spain and Portugal, all of the options are ATOL protected because they include flights. If a golf holiday or package has ATOL protection, then if a travel company ceases trading, then travellers and golfers are entitled to a refund for both their holiday (including accommodation) and flights. ATOL is purely a financial protection scheme that guarantees customers a refund if their holiday fails to go ahead due to company failure. Should travellers already be on their holiday when they find that they cannot travel home due to company failure, then under ATOL protection, their additional accommodation (such as a hotel) and flights home will be covered, so customers do not need to fear being stranded abroad with no funds to get home. To keep up to date with the latest terms and conditions of your ATOL coverage, please check the ATOL website at www.atol.org.uk/ATOLCertificate, or alternatively, as a member of our staff for further guidance. Upon booking your holiday, you will be given an ATOL certificate; we ask that you ensure everything you have booked including flights, hotels and services are included in the certificate.Here at Golf Escapes, we pride ourselves on being the best company to book your next golf holiday with due to the excellent service we provide and our in-depth knowledge. Our team here at Golf Escapes thrives on personal service allowing us to recommend the very best options to meet your individual requirements and deal with your enquiries, this only means that the service we provide is a standard above that provided by other companies, especially some of the larger tour operators. We pride ourselves in being efficient, courteous and friendly to all customers to ensure that they get their best golf holiday to date. Since 2002, we have successfully delivered more than 120,000 golf holidays to both golf lovers and amateurs. Regardless of what golfers are looking for in their next golf escape, with our fantastic service, all of our members of staff will constantly strive to ensure that all customers have their best golf holiday to date. All of our staff are committed to delivering golfers with an unforgettable golf escape filled with sun, fantastic accommodation, and superb golf courses. Every client is treated as an individual with their own needs, preferences and budgets; here at Golf Escapes, we never assume that any golfer or golfing group is the same, therefore we make a special effort to ensure that all customers are accommodated for. As a commitment to our customers, we promise to work with you to deliver an unforgettable golfing experience comprising of fantastic golf courses, impeccable service and great destinations. At any point in the booking or the duration of your golf holiday, all of our staff are fully committed to delivering unbeatable service and accommodate all your needs.

The level and standard of service at Golf Escapes does not go unnoticed by our customers with our outstanding Feefo rating. Our Feefo rating currently stands at 4.9 stars; a true testament of the fantastic service we offer here at Golf Escapes. Our team has been described as “efficient and friendly”, which delivers “top class service”. Our customers have especially noted our efficiency at accommodating for changes in bookings, as well as our knowledge and experience in helping customers find the perfect golf holiday for them. Throughout the booking process, our staff has been commended for their attentiveness and professionalism in delivering customers with a fantastic and well-deserved golf holiday. With such superb service and efficiency, it really does come as no surprise that golfers return to us year after year for their golfing holidays. Furthermore, it has also been noted how our sales team is able to tailor a package holiday to the individual needs of all of our customers; if a prospective customer has a particular concern or preference for their golf holiday, any one of our members of staff will be more than happy to try to help. Even if golfers find themselves lost on what they are looking for out of their next golf holiday, our previous customers in their Feefo reviews have celebrated the fact that our staff have been able to advise prospective customers on our best deals and the best destinations for them.

If golfers are finding themselves unsure of where to go on their next golf holiday, then any one of our members of staff on our sales team will be more than happy to advise. At Golf Escapes, we have a wealth of knowledge of the world’s best golf that has been steadily growing since we set up in 2002. Understandably, golfers have different interests and needs; some might be opting for a quick golf break to escape everyday life, in which case some of our UK golf options would be a great choice, or alternatively, some golfers might be willing to travel across the pond to explore the best highlights of our US golf programme. However, regardless of the preferences and needs of golfers, with a huge amount of knowledge and experience, we can help all golfers have an unforgettable golf escape. Collectively, our staff have decades and decades of both general travel knowledge and golf travel experience, meaning your booking could not be in better hands. Our team is committed to ensuring that you have your best golf holiday yet, so whatever qualms or suggestions customers may have about their booking, we will be sure to accommodate. Whether golfers are looking for a golf holiday of a lifetime at a five-star resort with plenty of luxury, or if they are just simply trying to find out the latest deals and offers, with our expert knowledge, we are more than capable of advising golfers. There are many components of a golf holiday that need to be considered; the destination, hotel, boarding type, golf and spa. Therefore, it is very important that a tour operator has excellent knowledge in all these areas to ensure that all golfers have an unbeatable stay.

Contrary to belief, a fantastic golf holiday or golf break need not always break the bank; there are a wide range of deals and offers to ensure that golfers can have a fantastic trip at a great value. If golfers have a smaller budget, then using our knowledge and expertise, we can ensure they have an unforgettable golf escape, nonetheless. Across all of our programmes, whether it be in Europe, the UK, or long haul, we offer fantastic deals, meaning your golf holiday can be tailored to your own needs. Golf is a sport that is best enjoyed amongst friends, so conveniently for golfing groups, the best offers and deals benefit large golfing groups the most. Many of our golf hotels, resorts and golf courses offer fantastic value for money, so superb golf and luxury accommodation can be enjoyed at a discounted price. If golfers are finding themselves tired of the winter blues, then they can be tempted with a well-deserved winter getaway without having to be concerned with the price. The prices of our package deals and holidays remain competitive, and we will always strive to guarantee our customers with the best price available to help to give the best value for money. Some of our best deals can be found in the Algarve and the Costa del Sol; two of our most sought-after golf destinations, and with warm weather, great beaches and superb golf, this really is not surprising. A fantastic golf holiday does not always demand a huge budget, and as your holiday can be specifically tailored to your own needs and preferences, you are guaranteed to have your best golf escape yet.

Since opening in 2002, our travel programme has expanded rapidly all over the globe. While Portugal and Spain are a typical option for golfers with its huge range of hotels, resorts, and its rapid expansion of golf courses, there are plenty of other destinations that guarantee you an unforgettable golf escape. To escape the winter blues and to enjoy some well-deserved sunshine, the Canary Islands or Turkey is a great choice, or alternatively, for those willing to travel a little bit further for a fantastic golf holiday, they can try out our growing golf holiday programme in the United States. For golfers on a smaller budget or for those who are just looking for a last-minute golfing getaway, then our ‘drive and stay’ golf breaks are a fantastic choice as they need not bother with all of the hassle and cost of flying. We understand that all golfers have different needs, preferences and budgets, therefore it is important that they have the choice from a wide range of destinations to ensure that they have a fantastic golf holiday.

We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s blog on seven reasons as to why you should choose Golf Escapes to book your next golf holiday. The reviews speak for themselves; you are guaranteed to receive five-star service for an unforgettable golf escape. If you are looking to see what all of the fuss is about, then give us a call on 01342 811777 to have your best golf holiday yet.

About the Author

Natasha Ruben

I am a Politics student at Cardiff University, and I am just coming to the end of the second year of my degree. After I graduate, I am looking to become fluent in a European language so that I can make the most out of my golf holidays. My favourite golfing destination has to be the Costa del Sol as it offers the perfect combination of sun, sea, golf and nightlife.

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